Dental Implantology is a serious and significant process that should never be left unattended, because it has direct impact on your future life. Loose one’s teeth is a very unattractive prospect. To exemplify, if our clinic we apply the implants manufacture by Straumann, which reasonably boasts of high-quality products and durable exploitation. It does not matter, how many teeth you lack in. The system is intended as for a single prosthesis, as for a group of them.


People are often ashamed by their smile. It could be due to incorrect occlusion or uneven teeth, which could develop from only physiologic disadvantages into deep psychological problems and complexes. For a long time brackets were considered to be the most useful and efficient method of teeth correction. Although unattractive appearance thereof scares young people, and many of them refuse from aligning teeth. For those who want to shine by an ideal and straight smile not making a sacrifice of several years of discomfort, modern dentistry offers comfortable and practical decisions for occlusion corrections without brackets. They are called occlusal splints. Splints are covering plates or caps made of health safe polymer. Caps hold tightly the dental arcades that allow aligning such occlusion disorders line overcrowding, teeth rotation, cross bite occlusion etc.


It is considered that dentist surgeon mostly extract teeth, although removal is applied only in the most difficult cases, when it is impossible to save it, or when it is hazardous for health in general. The main task of surgical dentistry is preservation of teeth, and teeth preserving operations are widely applied. Sometimes teeth removal is only a single stage of treatment, e.g. extraction of malposed teeth, injuring mucosa (e.g. lag-tooth), or tooth extraction for correction of occlusion.


Teeth replacement Teeth replacement. Teeth replacement is recommended due to several reasons, among them: aesthetic reasons, if color or shape of a tooth is impossible to correct by filling material; missing teeth; extended destruction of a tooth’s coronal part; nerve extraction from tooth root’s canal. In all such cases tooth replacement allows to protect such tooth from splits and damages. Qualified tooth replacement ensures ideal adhesion of prosthesis and the tooth. It requires professional processing and highly precise work of dental technicians in laboratory. Such processing forms a shoulder to attach the crownwork toe-to-toe. This accurate fixation is ensured by special technology of welding applied for manufacturing of very thin and strong metal frames of alloys.


Teeth bleaching by method Beyond New accelerators BEYOND. Polus are nowadays the most sophisticated lamps for professional teeth bleaching. Teeth bleaching are performed by hydrogen peroxide (H2O2) on dentine of a tooth (located directly under enamel). When hydrogen peroxide penetrates through enamel, pigmentation in dentine canals oxidizes and creates white color, visible through semi-transparent enamel. Traditional teeth bleaching systems for stimulation of the process apply lamps, which emit heat in addition to light. Disadvantage of this method is that heating causes many side effects, including itch and irritation of the skin, irritation of gingiva, burns from light to severe ones. Moreover, the most lamps emit harmful UV rays. Beyond teeth bleaching lazar system is free from these harmful effects due to the use of blue spectrum of high intensity, filtered through over 12000 optic fibers. The output light is filtered through two optic lenses, having over 30 layers of special covering. Cold blue light reaching the teeth has wavelength 480-520 nm, the optimal diapason for teeth bleaching. Harmful ultraviolet (UV) radiation is completely removed by system of filtration; only the focused beam of cold light-blue spectrum remains. This light penetrates deeply into tissues of the teeth, causing dental oxidation process without any harmful side effects.


Gingivitis in one or another form occurs from time to time in 80% of the inhabitants of the Earth. For example, periodontitis is not a disease, but namely an inflammation of the gums caused by insufficient load on the masticatory apparatus. Doctor-periodontist could help the patient who suffers from periodontitis only by removal of inflammation and by appointing special diet with properly solid products that require thorough chewing. In this case, treatment of gums occurs simply through increased physical activity.


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